Passing the Torch Senior-Citizen Style

We had a little celebration, although I’m not certain my parents think of it that way.

IMG_4117The day had finally arrived: their boat was sold, and the new owners, a lovely couple from Anacortes, Washington, had arrived to bring their new boat across the country to her new home.  It was the passing of a torch.  Mom and Dad and Tom and Ellie took the Willard trawler, formerly Vide Poches and now Raffamuggin, out for a ride together on a top–ten-gorgeous-day around Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor. Continue reading Passing the Torch Senior-Citizen Style

First East Coast Cruise – Part 4 – Fourth of July in Block Island

After spending a pleasant day and evening in Stonington, we got under way early and headed for Block Island.  It was a gorgeous sunrise in Stonington Harbor: a quintessential start to a summer day, with glassy calm water and a beautiful moored fleet reflecting the early sun. Continue reading First East Coast Cruise – Part 4 – Fourth of July in Block Island

First East Coast Cruise – Part 3 – Stonington

After a pleasant visit to Mystic Seaport we decided to make a short hop to Stonington, another favorite local port. It was a top-ten weather day, perfect for a cruise down the Mystic River and along the shore to Stonington, where we had friends and knew we would find — what else? — great food!  Continue reading First East Coast Cruise – Part 3 – Stonington

First East Coast Cruise -Part 2 – Mystic Seaport

After a very pleasant stay in Block Island we decided to move on and head west into Long Island Sound.  We had several destinations in mind, including Montauk, Sag Harbor, Stonington and Mystic Seaport.  All had their unique appeal and we had different reasons for wanting to visit each one.  Continue reading First East Coast Cruise -Part 2 – Mystic Seaport

First East Coast Cruise – Block Island

Although we still have a long project list (doesn’t every boat?), we have headed out for our first east coast cruise in the new tug.  It is bizarre traveling these well-known home waters in a power boat when I have spent my entire life exploring them in a sailboat.  The Twilight Zone.  Our priorities have changed, our decision-making parameters are adjusting, the passages are faster and the destinations are different. Continue reading First East Coast Cruise – Block Island

♬…on The Road Bay Again…♬

Charlie keeps an eye on his sister Dorsey as she guides Esmeralde out of her permanent slip for the first time.

Seven days and five hours after she rolled into New England Boatworks on a truck, Esmeralde headed out onto Narragansett Bay for the first time.  We were joined by my brother Charlie, his wife Maria and son Bret, all seasoned sailors.  This trawler business is new for all of us, but we’re adaptable!  Best of all, they arrived with a lovely bottle of Veuve Cliquot, which we stashed in the fridge until we were organized and under way. Continue reading ♬…on The Road Bay Again…♬

Putting Her Back Together

Floating for the first time on the East Coast.

The boat finally arrived at New England Boatworks on Thursday, June 8 at about 12:30 in the afternoon.  Thanks to the quick response by our driver, Alan, and the NEB travel lift crew, she was floating by 1:20.  After so many delays getting her here, including a 10-day stint at a truck stop in Maryland waiting for permits, this quick splash was a welcome relief.  She was very dirty from all the road filth, but aside from that and a few superficial scrapes from tree branches and other flying debris, she was in great shape. Continue reading Putting Her Back Together

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