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Maine Cruise 2018 – Deer Isle and Our Very Own Personal Chefs

Rody on watch again, as we round Whitehead Island at the southern entrance to Muscle Ridge Channel.  The fog flirted with us, but eventually ran away.

Leaving Tenants Harbor, we were on a mission.  Friends from Jamestown were staying on the north shore of Deer Isle along the Eggemoggin Reach, had a deep water dock to offer, and had invited us for a visit.  And there was just a two-day window to catch up with them.  So off we went, up Muscle Ridge Channel, north the length of Penobscot Bay, and into Eggemoggin Reach.  With the exception of a little fog at the entrance to Muscle Ridge, it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water.  We had a great ride, and the views were beautiful.  By 3:00 pm we were alongside the dock on The Reach, and Enzo and Renata were there to meet us. Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Deer Isle and Our Very Own Personal Chefs

Shakedown – Part 2 – SALMON!

We arrived in Friday Harbor on Tuesday after a beautiful run down Haro Strait and in through Cattle Pass.  Sunshine and a fair current always improve the mood, and we loved it.

The one thing we missed that day was an open invitation to go fishing with our new water-rat friends from LaConner, Scott and Ellen, on Scott’s Skagit Orca.  Scott is an accomplished outdoorsman and fisherman and had already shared some fresh catch with us a week earlier. Sigh.  We can’t have everything. Continue reading Shakedown – Part 2 – SALMON!

Experimenting Again – With Food

Now that I’m beginning to recover from shoulder replacement surgery, Bruce is down for the count with a stress fracture in his foot, in a metatarsal bone.  It was misdiagnosed for the first three weeks as an infection, then (long story) correctly diagnosed as a stress fracture, after he had been walking on it for those three weeks.  So now he has a long recovery of four to six weeks with NO WEIGHT BEARING (emphasis added by his foot doctor), which will be a real trial.

I am trying to take care of him, but as he is in prison on the sofa in his man-cave with his foot elevated, there’s not much I can do other than cook him a decent meal every now and then.  He’s a carnivore so I should be focusing on meat, but today I was a little selfish and produced a Dill Roasted Plum Tomato Tart with a Pine Nut Crust.  It’s from one of my favorite new books, Amy Chaplin’s At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen – Celebrating the Art of Eating Well Continue reading Experimenting Again – With Food