We Didn’t Think Long Island Sound Would Be The Hard Part

Well, wasn’t THAT Fun.

Day 3, Stonington, CT to Essex, CT, Wednesday 10/17

We had a really pleasant two-night stopover in Stonington. We were safe and secure on a Dodson’s mooring for the gale, we got heater parts (that didn’t fix the problem), the Dog Watch Cafe was delightful, and we had wonderful blustery fall walks all over town with the pups. It was time to move on.

The weather forecasts for this week have been, um, not ideal. When we were getting ready to leave home over last weekend I had been watching the forecasts for the first week of our trip. They were a little bit unbelievable. Gale warnings every other day as cold fronts swept through, and the “lulls” between fronts were Small Craft Advisaries, 15 to 25 with higher gusts. Sheesh. Continue reading We Didn’t Think Long Island Sound Would Be The Hard Part

The Next Adventure Has Begun – With a Gale Warning

The ICW – Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Day 1, Monday 10/15/18

The fall has flown buy and we are on our way. Florida and the Keys, and maybe the Bahamas, here we come!

The plan is to run down Long Island Sound, through Hell’s Gate, down the East River, around lower Manhattan, down the Jersey Shore, up the Delaware Bay, down the Chesapeake, down the Intracoastal Waterway, and ultimately to Key West. Repeat, generally, in reverse. Continue reading The Next Adventure Has Begun – With a Gale Warning

Maine Cruise 2018 – Retracing Our Steps to Home

Camden to Boothbay

We left Camden after a  pleasant visit.  We were sort of smelling the barn, feeling like it was time to head home, but we left ourselves room to tweak our plans — as we always do.

It started out a clear and calm day, with the threat of rain and thunderstorms later on.  Good for making tracks.  We were under way by about 10:00 am, after walking the dogs, grabbing a few last minute items and French & Brawn, hoisting the dinghy and taking on fuel.  The fuel would help us keep all options on the table as we contemplated pushing south. Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Retracing Our Steps to Home

Maine Cruise 2018 – Belfast

Lunch with a view: rounding Cape Rosier.

From Northeast Harbor we made our way back west, retracing our path through Casco Passage, up Eggemoggin Reach, around Cape Rosier and on into Belfast.  It was a hot, calm day, until the breeze piped up as we approached Belfast. We had called ahead and reserved a spot at the Harbormaster’s Dock, which is very pleasant.  The views up the river, out towards Penobscot Bay, and up along the waterfront into town, are lovely.  It is so convenient for us to be alongside, especially with the dogs, and particularly when we are in a place where there is plenty to do.  We can both come and go as we please without worrying about who is stranded without a dinghy, and the dogs get ashore a lot more often, which is great for them.  Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Belfast

Maine Cruise 2018 – Northeast Harbor

It’s hard to top our visit to Deer Isle.  Leaving the log cabin, casting off lines, and heading southeast down Eggemoggin Reach, we contemplated how very fortunate we are to be enjoying this life and having such good friends to share it with.  What next?

We decided we would venture off to Northeast Harbor.  It was a crystal clear, gorgeous day, and flat calm.  We were on the flybridge, and it was perfect for deconstructing the joys of our visit with Enzo and Renata, and contemplating how we wished to spend the rest of our cruise.

fullsizeoutput_4b4dWe picked our way through the densely-packed lobster buoys at the eastern entrance to Eggemoggin Reach, then proceeded through Casco Passage.  It was an uneventful run … almost. Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Northeast Harbor

Maine Cruise 2018 – Deer Isle and Our Very Own Personal Chefs

Rody on watch again, as we round Whitehead Island at the southern entrance to Muscle Ridge Channel.  The fog flirted with us, but eventually ran away.

Leaving Tenants Harbor, we were on a mission.  Friends from Jamestown were staying on the north shore of Deer Isle along the Eggemoggin Reach, had a deep water dock to offer, and had invited us for a visit.  And there was just a two-day window to catch up with them.  So off we went, up Muscle Ridge Channel, north the length of Penobscot Bay, and into Eggemoggin Reach.  With the exception of a little fog at the entrance to Muscle Ridge, it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water.  We had a great ride, and the views were beautiful.  By 3:00 pm we were alongside the dock on The Reach, and Enzo and Renata were there to meet us. Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Deer Isle and Our Very Own Personal Chefs

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