Crossing to the Dark Side

It’s official.  Bruce has made the announcement.  We have begun the process of crossing over to the Dark Side.  We have placed a deposit on an American Tug 395 Flybridge.  She will be built in LaConner, WA and will be delivered in April 2017.  We will take delivery at the factory so we can go on a shake-down cruise in the Pacific Northwest before shipping the boat home in time for the summer cruising season on the East Coast.

This video is from a delivery we did aboard East Coast Yacht Sales’ brokerage 395.

The sad part of all this?  Esmeralde is being prepared to go on the market. Bruce is thrilled; Dorsey not so much.  😦

4 thoughts on “Crossing to the Dark Side”

  1. We were 2 years after selling Kinvara before moving aboard our Saberline 43. I have to admit it was an adjustment for me and still a learning curve in handling compared to the sailboat. We normally travel about 9-10k cruising so hopefully we will se you out on the harbor. We are at East Greenwich Yacht Club, live aboards and hanging on a mooring for the summer


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