It Has Begun.

The boat is no longer just a glimmer in our eyes.  Construction is under way.

The build was originally supposed to start in late September, but we got the call last week that said “Send money!”  It seems Tomco has moved us up from Hull #14 (which was actually hull #13, but they accommodated our request to name it Hull #14) to Hull #12.  Not sure why this happened, but I’m guessing it’s because we’re a real live buyer, while the original slot for Hull #12 was probably for a dealer who doesn’t yet have a live buyer.

IMG_0016They started with the deck layup, I suspect because we have a custom hull color and since our contract is not finalized, they didn’t want to take the risk of getting that started without our signatures and $$.   We have expedited all the legal and financial mish-mash and hope to have it wrapped up on Tuesday, right after Labor Day weekend.  At that time, it will officially be our boat.

You can see above that the gel coat has been sprayed, the layup has begun, and the core is being put in place.

It’s a big step!  Meanwhile, we spent the day removing the last of our personal belongings from the current Esmeralde, and making sure she’s secure for whatever Tropical Storm Hermine throws her way.IMG_2553

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