Wolfe’s Neck Farm: Bambi Heaven

We spent a wonderful week at our favorite fall camping destination last week.  A great trip (except for the ending, but I’ll save that for later).

fullsizeoutput_1ee9.jpegWolfe’s Neck Farm is a stunning piece of property in South Freeport, Maine, right on the shores of Casco Bay.  It is a non-profit farm specializing in organic dairy, as well as education programs, hiking trails, an extraordinary community organic garden, and the campsites known as Recompence Shores Campground.  While we imagine it might be a bit too popular in July and August, we visit in late October and November, and it is heaven.  There have been days when we are the only people staying there, which is very special.

We drove up from Rhode Island to Maine on the Monday of Columbus Day Weekend, and we were very glad we were going north rather than south.  The south-bound traffic was horrendous, but we had smooth sailing the entire way.

fullsizeoutput_1ee4Recompence was actually the most crowded we have ever seen it, but that’s not really saying very much, considering most of our visits have been in November.  Arriving on Monday of the long weekend, we found mostly stragglers who, like us, had the freedom to enjoy some mid-week off-season down-time.  Very few campsites were occupied.  We had lots of space and privacy.  In our book, this is really the only time to camp on the coast of Maine.  Few campgrounds remain open, but those that do are exquisite.  We had mostly clear, chilly skies, minimal wind, and a full moon to light our campsite.

During the day we enjoyed some beautiful walks through the woods with the pups, relaxing at the camp site, and of course a couple of obligatory trips into Freeport to do some shopping.  The market in town, the Bow Street Market, is convenient and excellent.  Portland is an easy 1/2 hour drive.  We visited our soon-to-be former boat, now resting quietly in Yarmouth at her temporary home (as sad moment).  And we took a day trip up to Camden so Bruce could get a haircut at his favorite barber, and to Cushing to visit the Bouzaids at their excellent waterfront home.

The only disappointment?  I didn’t get a lobster roll.  Oh well.  There’s always next time.

And that story about how the trip didn’t end so well?  You’ll just have to wait for a future post for details on that one!  Fortunately, we are all safe and healthy.

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