Meet The Tug

D4AB0153-240C-49F1-8EC0-2EE3AB57BBAAThe new ESMERALDE.  We met her in person for the first time today at her birthplace in LaConner, WA.  A very exciting, long-anticipated day.  We probably look totally goofy and giddy in some of these pictures, but the reality is that we felt a little but that way as we explored our new baby.

We also met some of the great folks at American Tug/Tomco Marine who are building her: Kurt Dilworth, who has been our ever-patient and wise counselor throughout the process, Cheryl Stinson, Mike Schoppert, and a bunch of the men and women on the factory’s floor and in the purchasing and supply offices — all great people who have done excellent work as our oat has come together over the last seven months.

IMG_1903The boat is right on schedule.  Although it might look a long way from completion in some of these pictures, the reality is that she is mostly complete, and it is a matter of final installation to get her done.  There is wiring hanging down all over the place, and tools and supplies are everywhere.

IMG_1899We feel very fortunate to be able to see her at this stage of construction, and and although all the big decisions were made long ago, we are able to make a lot of small decisions on-site, which makes us feel just a bit more part of the larger process.

Below are a few pictures of some of the key components as we poke around the boat.  She will be moved out of the shop in less than a week, and launched one week later for sea trials.  We should be able to move aboard for the first time one week after sea trials.  It’s been a long wait, but it will soon be over!

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3 thoughts on “Meet The Tug”

  1. I trust that nothing more fun, intellectually exciting & stimulating than to discover in person the careful crafting of your own boat. Great photos & slideshow. Thank you for sharing !

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  2. How fun and it’s beautiful. Perfect compliment to the Bambi. Enjoying your latest adventure through your blog.


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