Shakedown – Part 2 – SALMON!

We arrived in Friday Harbor on Tuesday after a beautiful run down Haro Strait and in through Cattle Pass.  Sunshine and a fair current always improve the mood, and we loved it.

The one thing we missed that day was an open invitation to go fishing with our new water-rat friends from LaConner, Scott and Ellen, on Scott’s Skagit Orca.  Scott is an accomplished outdoorsman and fisherman and had already shared some fresh catch with us a week earlier. Sigh.  We can’t have everything.

Ellen’s first salmon.

Imagine our deepening disappointment when, at about 4:00 pm Ellen texted me this photo: her first-ever salmon.  The look on her face says it all.  What a beauty she had reeled in, and what an obvious thrill for her!  We could have been there too, but had chosen a day aboard Esmeralde instead.

Scott and Ellen show up with Ellen’s catch.

A couple of hours later Bruce and I were relaxing aboard Esmeralde at the guest float in Friday Harbor (that dock thing, remember?  Still no dinghy) when there was a loud knock on the hull.  I turned around and was simply astonished: there was Ellen, standing there with her gorgeous fish, big smile on her face, wondering if we had dinner plans.  I hollered at Bruce to “come look!” And he came running up to see what was going on.

IMG_2813Knowing where we were, Scott and Ellen had cruised all the way over to Friday Harbor from the catch site to share the fish with us. Scott filleted the fish right there in front of us.  Bruce fired up the grill.  Ellen opened a lovely bottle of red, a 2013 Terra Blanca Triple Threat Red Mountain, that Scott had brought, and we all gathered in Esmeralde‘s salon to enjoy this very special meal.

There’s really nothing like good friends sharing a special gift to make for an excellent, memorable meal.  And I can’t imagine a better way to eat salmon than a wild caught fish, less than three hours out of the water, filleted in front of us and tossed on our hot grill.

A toast to a great evening and a great meal with friends.

Thank you Scott and Ellen!

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