Awesome Swag Bag!

Spencer Drake, our broker from East Coast Yacht Sales (the American Tug dealer for the East Coast and Great Lakes) had been trying to get down from Maine to Rhode Island for some time to see our boat.  When he finally was able to make the trip, we suddenly had to be out of town so we missed him.  It’s very sad to miss an opportunity to show off our new boat, but alas, it wasn’t to be.  We told Spencer to have a look without us.

Spencer had a surprise for us!

My new favorite boat tote.

When we got back to the boat we found a fabulous spread of goodies in an awesome East Coast Yacht Sales Swag Bag!  Actually: two swag bags, a “his” and a “hers”.  Mine is my new favorite tote — embroidered with “Esmeralde” and the American Tug logo and the ECYS burger.  Really nicely done.


Bruce immediately dove headfirst into the craft beer.  While he isn’t always an IPA fan, he loved Spencer’s selections.  Fortunately we are headed to Maine, so we will be able to stock up on his new favorites.

Peanuts, beer, scones, tea, jam, tea towels, and some lovely wine, all with a nice Maine twist.  It was a very, very nice gift.  Thank you Spencer, and thanks to the rest of the ECYS gang who helped to make Esmeralde come to life for us. Thumbs up. 👍


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