The Infection That Wasn’t

The story of my “infection”.

Saturday morning three weeks ago I woke up and said to Dorsey, “I think I have broken my toe.”

As per standard “Real Man” operating procedure I ignored it that day. The next day, Sunday, it was red, warm and it hurt a lot so I went to the emergency room. They took X-rays and said, “it isn’t broken, it’s infected.” I was sent home, told to keep the foot elevated and prescribed oral antibiotics. Continue reading The Infection That Wasn’t

Boat Decisions – Color Palettes

As the construction start date for the new American Tug approaches,  we’re trying to stay ahead of the decision-making requirements so we don’t get caught by surprise and have to make uninformed decisions on the fly without thinking them through properly.

There are a lot of elements on the boat that we want to get right.  Some are mechanical, some structural, some practical, and some…comfort and aesthetic. Continue reading Boat Decisions – Color Palettes

A Come-Back to Running

The last 12 months have been a hiatus in my running adventures.  In 2015 I developed achilles tendonitis, which kept my training at a painfully low level.  Then in September, just as I was planning to ramp things up for the fall, I suffered a tear in my left gastrocnemius = end of fall running.  Also in 2015 I struggled increasingly with my left shoulder, which had been damaged and surgically repaired as a teenager.

Fast forward to December 2015, I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon, got my shoulder x-rayed, and was promptly diagnosed with severe arthritis.  The fix? A total shoulder replacement.  Eeeek.   Continue reading A Come-Back to Running

Test Drive – American Tug 395


Since both of us are sailors, one of the big factors as we contemplate a move over to the dark side is figuring out exactly what “power boating” is all about.  For me, some of the big questions are: What is it like to spend a day ‘motoring’ instead of ‘sailing’?  How fast do we want to go?  How comfortable/loud/smooth/rolly/jarring is it at different speeds?

Bruce, in addition to those questions, is concerned about all kinds of mechanical and drive train issues.  In the American Tug 395, which engine should he get: the 380 HP or 480 HP? What propeller would be best?  What is the actual fuel consumption at different RPMs?  And on and on and on.  We have a lot to learn, and a lot of decisions to make as we approach construction deadlines. Continue reading Test Drive – American Tug 395

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