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Enough Already with the Weather

So let’s just enjoy the good stuff!

Days 3, 4 & 5, Essex, CT, Wednesday to Friday,  10/18 – 10/19

The Wednesday run from Stonington to Essex was nasty, so between more bad weather forecasts, the need for new heater parts, and the draw of a lovely eastern Connecticut town, we decided to stay in Essex awhile.

We have always enjoyed visiting to Essex.  Its a fun day-trip in the off-season to look at boats and walk the dogs, but we have never spent any time there.  This visit was a first, and we loved it.   Continue reading Enough Already with the Weather

We Didn’t Think Long Island Sound Would Be The Hard Part

Well, wasn’t THAT Fun.

Day 3, Stonington, CT to Essex, CT, Wednesday 10/17

We had a really pleasant two-night stopover in Stonington. We were safe and secure on a Dodson’s mooring for the gale, we got heater parts (that didn’t fix the problem), the Dog Watch Cafe was delightful, and we had wonderful blustery fall walks all over town with the pups. It was time to move on.

The weather forecasts for this week have been, um, not ideal. When we were getting ready to leave home over last weekend I had been watching the forecasts for the first week of our trip. They were a little bit unbelievable. Gale warnings every other day as cold fronts swept through, and the “lulls” between fronts were Small Craft Advisaries, 15 to 25 with higher gusts. Sheesh. Continue reading We Didn’t Think Long Island Sound Would Be The Hard Part