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Maine Cruise 2018 – Northeast Harbor

It’s hard to top our visit to Deer Isle.  Leaving the log cabin, casting off lines, and heading southeast down Eggemoggin Reach, we contemplated how very fortunate we are to be enjoying this life and having such good friends to share it with.  What next?

We decided we would venture off to Northeast Harbor.  It was a crystal clear, gorgeous day, and flat calm.  We were on the flybridge, and it was perfect for deconstructing the joys of our visit with Enzo and Renata, and contemplating how we wished to spend the rest of our cruise.

fullsizeoutput_4b4dWe picked our way through the densely-packed lobster buoys at the eastern entrance to Eggemoggin Reach, then proceeded through Casco Passage.  It was an uneventful run … almost. Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Northeast Harbor

Maine Cruise – Days 15 – 18 – Northeast Harbor & Mt. Desert

After our visit to the wild woodlands of Isle au Haut, it was time to head back to civilization.  Off to one of our favorite hang-outs, the home of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island, and also home of the spectacular Acadia National Park and the tourist mecca, Bar Harbor. Continue reading Maine Cruise – Days 15 – 18 – Northeast Harbor & Mt. Desert