Boat Show Season Has Begun

We’re just wrapping up a fun-filled Newport Boat Show weekend.  We’ve enjoyed this show more than any other in the last, oh, six or seven years.  img_3702The weather was great, we have a new boat on order, a sister-ship to our new boat was at the show, and we were in the mood to play.  Once again, Cleave Horton from Sea Frost stayed with us and got us exhibitor passes so we could roam the show as we wished every day.

Bruce can’t seem to wipe that smile off his face.

While Bruce spent a lot of time talking to electronics guys and we popped aboard a few boats out of curiosity, most of our time was spent aboard the East Coast Yacht Sales brokerage American Tug 395.  We notice new stuff every time we go aboard, which is helpful.  We also spent some time aboard with Candy Langan on Friday morning, before the show opened, to try to nail down some of our interior design decisions. This is not an area we have a lot of confidence in, so we are desperately thankful for Candy’s help!

Spencer Drake and Jon Knowles of East Coast Yacht Sales both tracking down the final details of our contract.

Prior to the show we had struggled with a long back-and-forth series of details and discussions to try to finalize our purchase contract.  Finally, on Friday afternoon, at the show aboard an East Coast Yacht Sales MJM, the final paperwork was signed and the build of AT hull #12 is officially ours.  Big moment.  Bob Johnstone watched the whole thing and I think he was confused by us signing our paperwork on board his boat, but all is well and everyone is happy.  Spencer Drake (our broker) and Jon Knowles of ECYS seemed to enjoy the chaotic conclusion.

Evenings were generally spent at home, hanging out on our new deck, enjoying our new outdoor fireplace with a variety of sailing friends, eating good food, and enjoying a little (too much) good alcohol.  We have a Newport Boat Show tradition of having our first fire of the year.

Cleave Horton and Bruce discuss the day’s adventures at the boat show.

Although our new outdoor fireplace has been busy through much of this past August, we still enjoyed our tradition of welcoming great September weather in by lighting the fire, this year outside.




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