We Have a Half-Hull

Well, actually we have two half-hulls.

The hull, which is built in two halves, has been sprayed with our gel coat.  The color is Sea Shell Green.

Here the two hull molds are being prepped with mold release.

As we have mentioned before, we would have liked a handsome dark color but we have been through the maintenance issues before with dark gel coat and did not want to do it again.  When we scanned the spectrum of lighter colors, we ultimately settled on this light gray-green that started out as a custom AwlGrip color for Shelter Island Runabouts and has expanded from there.  It’s perhaps not a masculine look for a chunky, business-like tug hull, be we think it will work well for us.  Since we are sticking with the same name we have had for all our boats, ESMERALDE, we are sort of stuck with some kind of green!

The port hull, freshly sprayed with “Sea Shell Green” gel coat.

We loved the pale gray hull on our Sabre 386, but we were afraid that on the tug that color would simply be a “wall of white” and not show off the tug hull at all.  Also, our gray hull had a gold cove stripe that wouldn’t work on the tug, beautiful varnished toe rails, and a lot of light green (“Spa”) canvas, all of which really offer color and definition to the lines and shapes.  The tug has none of this, so we felt we really needed color in the hull itself to show it off.

5 thoughts on “We Have a Half-Hull”

  1. Hi this is Cheryl at Tomco Marine (American Tugs). We received your cookies and letter and I want to thank you for the wonderful gift.
    the crew love getting goodies from AT owners (so do Kurt and Mike and myself). I signed up to receive your blogs – love getting to know the owners. Welcome to the American Tug Family!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cheryl! We are looking forward to getting to know all you folks at AT! Building a boat is pretty cool stuff, but in so many ways it’s really about the people who do all the work. We’re only sorry that we are so far away. Kurt and Mike have been great, but we’re really looking forward to meeting you & the rest of the gang… -Dorsey


  2. How bad really are the maintenance issues with a dark gel coat? We’ve experienced some fading on the sun-facing side, but nothing worse. Then again, maybe we don’t get enough sun and heat here in the PNW to cause the trouble you’ve had.


  3. What were the maintenance issues which you had before with dark gel coat? I’ve noticed some fading on the sun-facing side of our hull, but no additional issues, no blistering or delamination. Then again, maybe we don’t have the same issues here in Seattle where the sun isn’t quite so bright.


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