Seminole Canyon

f761c964-b4e8-4aa2-a041-8389a8a6af61I think we are in the desert.

For a couple of gringos, today’s travel brought dramatic new scenery.  We’ve never seen desert before, so every turn in the road was a fun surprise.  On a whim, we decided to point the Ram towards Seminole Canyon State Park. Great choice!

f28b382a-9a47-4191-a065-4f32aed0753bThe park is known for stunning hikes deep into the canyon, mountain biking and birding, but mostly for the pictographs left on the cave walls by early canyon dwellers as much as 4000 years ago.  There is a nice visitors center with excellent displays.  A brief interpretive guide gives an overview.  Unfortunately for us, the pictographs can only be visited with a park ranger guided tour, and tours were not available during our stay.

The camping, however, was very pleasant, with wonderful desert views. A front came through at supper time with cold wind and rain so we had a cozy supper inside the Bambi, but the skies cleared overnight and we woke to a bright clear, cool morning, perfect for an easy hike with the dogs out one of the canyon view trails. We enjoyed the novelty of the scenery, and were transported back in time to dinosaurs and primitive life.



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