The Entire Herd…

…followed us up the road.

I’m not sure who was more fascinated with whom: the dogs with the cows, or the cows with the dogs, but the curiosity was delightful.

IMG_1539We were taking a late afternoon walk after a thrilling drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.  Our campground was about a mile up a long straight country road from the coastline and a state park beach, and on one side was beautiful green pasture land running right down to the ocean.  The herd was all clustered at the far end of the pastures as we approached the bottom end of the road near the beach.  When we turned around to walk back up the road, a few of the cows started heading our way.  Then a few more.  C717B2C8-A2EB-4237-8197-E616CFB8C115Before long, the entire herd was moving in lock-step with us right at the fence line that separated us.  They watched us.  We watched them.  It was delightful!

When the cows reached the end of the pasture fence and could not follow us any further, they all clustered in the evening sun and watched us meander away up the road. Very nice cows.


The state park was Manchester State Park, and it is sandwiched between the Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean in the town of Manchester, just a few miles north of Point Arena.  Although there is a campground at the park, we couldn’t stay there during our visit because it was closed.  We ended up staying at the KOA next door, where, it being off-season and a little rainy, we were the only overnight guests.  It was quite lovely, with beautiful mature trees creating a park-like setting.  I’m sure it’s not quite as nice in full-season, but having it all to ourselves was very pleasant.


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