Astoria, Oregon, With [almost] No Rain

We woke up this morning in the Bambi to a torrential rain squall.  I though, “Oh no, here we go again.”  And it did continue to sputter and spurt for awhile, but eventually, after coffee, breakfast, a morning dog walk around the campground and the daily clean-up, it basically stopped soaking us. Continue reading Astoria, Oregon, With [almost] No Rain

Roads, Rain and Redwooods

We started the day at a KOA Campground in Manchester, south of Mendocino.  This is a spectacular part of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Small funky villages, long expanses of incredible natural beauty, and little to no commercial degradation.  Nothing fancy, either.  Simple life stuff. Continue reading Roads, Rain and Redwooods

The PCH: Best of the Trip (So Far)

After a really fun six-day stay in Napa, playing with friends, eating exceptionally well and–of course–drinking rather too much wine, it was time to hit the road again.

We left our pleasant little campground at Skyline Wilderness Park east of Napa and headed west through the rolling hills towards the coast on routes 12 and 116 until we ran into Route 1 and and the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading The PCH: Best of the Trip (So Far)

Wine-ing in Napa

Five days and six nights in Napa, and all of it great fun.

Half Moon Bay

We left Half Moon Bay State Park by mid-morning after a beautiful walk with the dogs on the multi-use path that runs along the bluffs over the beach, looking out at the Pacific Ocean.  It was great for all four of us to get some exercise together in such a beautiful spot before getting on the road once again.
Continue reading Wine-ing in Napa