Back to LaConner – Cruise Over

Wow, the end of our shakedown cruise in the PNW was emotional.

IMG_2046We had grown to love LaConner during the three weeks we spent there prior to taking delivery of the boat, while living in our Airstream at the LaConner Marina Campground.  So while we did have reason to celebrate our return to the little town, we were very sorry that our excellent cruise on our new boat was drawing to a close.

We started the last day of our shakedown in Langley on Whidbey Island, which we loved.  After a leisurely morning wandering with the dogs, we returned to the boat and did our pre-start routine one last time.  From Langley it was a quick and easy trip up Skagit Bay, between Camano Island and Whidbey Island.  We didn’t dawdle, as LaConner was expecting a super-low minus tide mid-afternoon, so we needed to get up the Swinomish Channel and into the marina by noon.

Just to keep things consistent, our last day was grey and drizzly, very much like the day we first left LaConner over three weeks earlier.  Turning into the narrow, shallow channel was an odd experience, a confusing mix of recalling the feelings we had the first day when we motored out the channel for the first time, and now our last passage through, after getting to know the boat and enjoying time aboard her so very much.  The same, but not the same.

Esmeralde back on Trawler Row in LaConner.

Back in LaConner we tied up on Trawler row, feeling far more confident with our boat handling than that first day when we had zero experience handling a power boat.

We finalized our punch-list for Tomco, cleaned up the boat, and made plans to transfer our gear, the dogs and ourselves off the boat and back into the Airstream.


The pups wait to see what Dad will bring from the Calico Cupboard.

Spring had definitely begun to emerge in our absence.  The trees were leafing out, spring shrubs were flowering, and although we missed the brilliant show of tulips in the fields, they were in full bloom around town and it was lovely and cheerful — in spite of the rain.

Ellen paddled by to see us — and also brought champagne for one last sunny flybridge evening!

We looked forward to a few more days in LaConner, visiting our new buddies, enjoying a last beer and wine (or two) at The Brewery and The Pub, grabbing some scones from The Scone Lady, popping into the Calico Cupboard for a cappuccino, and especially visiting the wonderful crew at Tomco.  Fun times.

We will miss this place.

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