New Friends and Crab Cakes

After a blustery but efficient ride up the Delaware Bay, we made our way into the C&D canal then tucked in to Chesapeake City as the rain began to pour down. The damp evening brought a delightful evening with friends, followed by a fun ride into the Chesapeake Bay to Rock Hall.
October 22 – 24
Chesapeake City and Rock Hall, MD
Days 9 – 11

Chesapeake City, MD

A big part of cruising is new friends and old friends. Some of the best emerge from the shadows and take us by surprise. On our way up the Delaware, traveling in loose company with Curtis & Kim on their American Tug Blue Rhapsody and Matt and Laurie with their Nordhaven 46 First Light, we received a Facebook message from Phil.

Phil??? Surprise! We had met Phil at Trawler Fest in Stuart, Fl while we were showing Esmeralde. Phil was there to indulge his boating lifestyle dream with trawler immersion for a few days. We really had no recollection that he was from Philly. He simply sent us a message via Facebook saying he and his wife would love to meet us for dinner in Chesapeake City. Why, thank you, of course we would!

Esmeralde and Blue Rhapsody tied up at the Chesapeake Inn. First Light grabbed the last available space at the town’s free dock. The anchorage was not full, but it was relatively crowded.

Blue Rhapsody arrives at Chesapeake City in the rain as Esmeralde lies in the background at The Chesapeake Inn.

The rain, which had held off all day, came down with purpose just as we secured our lines. And it rained. Forever. The dogs went for a walk, but they were not impressed.

After their afternoon walk in the pouring rain, the furry crew get some fresh steamed shrimp as a treat.

Phil and Hoa drove all the way down from Philly, at rush hour, in the pouring rain, in the dark, on a school night, to take us out to dinner. What a special treat this turned out to be. We had a quiet table by the window at the Chesapeake Inn, and dinner turned out better than any of us anticipated. We talked boats, boating, lifestyle, jobs and kids. We also talked about the infamous Everglades Challenge that Phil and Hoa had participated in eight or nine years ago.

If you don’t know anything about the Everglades Challenge, check it out: it is not for the faint of heart. Bruce and I had watched the start from our campground at Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg, FL several times, so we were well aware of the substantial challenge it presents.

Our evening with Phil and Hoa, and indeed our entire day, traveling along with friends, was a great example of the charm and pleasure of the cruising lifestyle. A good day, even without sunshine.

Rock Hall, MD

We had a quiet night at the Chesapeake Inn. The rain cleared out while we slept and we got up to a clear, crisp fall day. Perfect for heading on into the Chesapeake Bay. The breeze began as a gentle westerly. We had fair current out of the C&D canal and most of the way to Rock Hall. We were on the lookout for debris in the water, as we had seen reports that recent flooding had set loose large logs and other flotsam. It wasn’t as bad as we expected, but we did see stuff, and had to dodge three or four times to avoid trouble.

The wind built during the day and at times the ride got a bit bumpy, but it was a gorgeous run, and not far at 40 nautical miles. We pulled in close to the shoreline a few miles before Rock Hall and took photos of our buddy Kyle’s family home, right on the bluffs, Good fun!

The Coasties were looking shipshape and purposeful on a beautiful fall day.

We got in to Rock Hall Landing early enough to enjoy the pleasant town for the afternoon. We took the dogs for a nice walk and checked out the new Fresh Start Food & Garden market where we replenished our stores with fresh local produce and unique specialty foods. It’s a great new addition and I hope it thrives. I even got a run in before we indulged in our first Flybridge Evening of the trip and soaked up a spectacular sunset. First Light was alongside next to us, and they had the front row seats, but their handsome silhouette enhanced our view.

Our first Flybridge Evening of the cruise.

The day was capped off by my first crab cakes of the trip at Waterman’s Crab House. Carole the bartender, who has been there forever took good care of us. One of our dinner mates at the bar was “headed to jail” after supper (she’s a corrections officer!). We behaved ourselves!

Waterman’s Crab House – A Rock Hall institution.

The next morning was another liesurely one. Yet another gorgeous fall day, and glassy calm. We did the short 15 nautical mile hop over to Annapolis along with First Light. This was a tough call, because the forecast for the next few days was lovely and would be excellent for Eastern Shore cruising. However, Annapolis is a strong magnet, and we gave in. A few days alongside at Ego Alley is always good fun.

A spectacular fall morning in Rock Hall.