Naptown and Ego Alley

Annapolis gave us a little bit of everything, as it often does. Lovely fall days, crab cakes, torrential rain, good friends. And we stayed a few days too long, thanks to

October 24 – 28, 2019
Annapolis, MD
Days 11 – 15

We normally don’t stay in one place longer than two or three days, unless there are circumstances beyond our control. We expected to stay in Annapolis for three days. That’s usually enough fun for us. However, both the weather and conspired against us and kept us in our slip right on Ego Alley for five nights.

Life on Ego Alley is always interesting. I struggled with time warp on City Dock while drinking my first cup of coffee.

We do like to stay on Ego Alley. You either love it or hate it. First, it’s much easier to be alongside with the dogs, and with Bruce and I often heading off in different directions, it’s easier not to deal with the dinghy. We are right in the midst of things, and with the exception of a decent grocery store, everything we might need is close at hand. Also, the mooring and anchorage area tend to be very rolly, and we don’t like that. At.All.

Of course, on Ego Alley we had to put up with the noise from Pusser’s, but we got over that. Turning on the air conditioners is always a useful tactic.

The best fun in Annapolis was the cheerful welcome we got from Jocelyn. That cruising friends thing again. So important. We met her last year through a mutual friend, and she quickly became our smiling local pack mule. We sealed the friendship over Christmas last year when she and her husband Dee joined us at Cayo Costa State Park near Captiva, FL, where we enjoyed a delightful holiday together.

Jocelyn arrived aboard Esmeralde, welcome pineapple in hand, and made herself available throughout our visit. We had a couple of dinners with her and her husband Dee during the course of our visit. Extra special!

Bruce’s focus during our stay was on resolving the issues with our engine mounts. Countless phone calls. Measurements. Experiments. And tools on order from Amazon expected overnight. Wrong tools. No delivery. No resolution.

While we waiting, we dined at the Chart House, two steak houses, and a smoke house. No, we aren’t starving.

Dinner at Lewnes Steak House. I swear, this dish was a surprise.

We walked all over town, slowly, as Bruce attempts to allow his Achilles to heal. The dogs LOVE Annapolis and couldn’t get enuf sniffing and peeing. The most exciting moment was when two of their alter-ego Wheaton scotties appeared dockside. Wow! That has never happened before!

Who … ? What … ? Mattie and Pepper meet their alter-egos on the dock at Ego Alley. Very exciting for everyone!

Town was extremely busy over the weekend, as it was an Annapolis Naval Academy reunion weekend and there was a football game. We got a surprise visit from some Facebook friends from back in Connecticut, Michel and Amy, Seahorse 37 trawler Pro Re Nata, who were in town for the reunion events. Love our Facebook friends!

Saturday was a perfect day for football and tourists and exploring. Sunday was a good day to … stay in bed. It rained rained rained. The pups and I tried to get out for a walk when downpours faded to drizzle, but about five minutes in, the rain came back with a vengeance. Howling wind, driving rain. Pepper and Mattie must have thought it was bath time gone horribly wrong. I simply thought it was miserable. Soaked to the bone. Eventually, the weather system pulled out late in the day and life could go on.

I continued to indulge my crab cake fetish in Annapolis. These beauties were at Lewnes Steakhouse.

So Annapolis was fun, but we were there too long. We couldn’t leave on Sunday as originally planned because of the horrible weather, and we also hoped to get that durned Amazon package on Monday. *Sigh* It didn’t show up on Monday. Bruce couldn’t work on engine mounts. Fit to be tied.

Bruce made Amazon pay for it. Literally. He badgered the poor customer service agents to death and convinced them to pay for our extra night of dockage in Annapolis, that we had committed to because Amazon assured us three times in writing that the tool would be delivered on Monday. It wasn’t. They paid. Huh.

So by Tuesday morning, as fun as Annapolis is, we were pleased to get up early, take the pups on one last sniff-fest around town, and cast off. It was another beautiful fall morning. The forecast for the next few days was very favorable for traveling down the bay: light and variable wind, no sea.

Our buddy Forbes Horton happened to be cruising by on his down east lobster boat Matinicus just as we eased out past the Naval Academy, and he captured a great shot of Esmeralde headed out. A fitting departure.

We were happy to be on the move again.

Esmeralde is happy to be under way again, leaving Annapolis in the morning light on a crisp fall day. Photo credit Forbes Horton.