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Maine Cruise 2018 – Belfast

Lunch with a view: rounding Cape Rosier.

From Northeast Harbor we made our way back west, retracing our path through Casco Passage, up Eggemoggin Reach, around Cape Rosier and on into Belfast.  It was a hot, calm day, until the breeze piped up as we approached Belfast. We had called ahead and reserved a spot at the Harbormaster’s Dock, which is very pleasant.  The views up the river, out towards Penobscot Bay, and up along the waterfront into town, are lovely.  It is so convenient for us to be alongside, especially with the dogs, and particularly when we are in a place where there is plenty to do.  We can both come and go as we please without worrying about who is stranded without a dinghy, and the dogs get ashore a lot more often, which is great for them.  Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Belfast

Maine Cruise – Days 10-12 – Belfast & Wooden Boat

After three nights in Camden we were ready to shove off and explore.  The weather was not playing our game.  As we returned to the boat from walking the dogs in the morning, still tossing about different destination options, the fog settled in as thick as ever.  Our last choice was to stay one more day to wait out the weather, but several phone calls later we knew that was not an option: Camden was booked solid.  We had to go. Fog or not.  Continue reading Maine Cruise – Days 10-12 – Belfast & Wooden Boat