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Miami to Lauderdale: Canyons, Real Estate and Yachts

With ongoing record-breaking heat, we continued our journey up the busiest part of the Florida ICW, enjoying the impressive skyline, astonishing real estate, some lovely nature preserves and state parks, and mind boggling yachts. We were thankful it wasn’t a weekend.

Days 132 – 134, February 22 – 24, 2019

Our day started in our quiet little marina in North Miami.  We walked the dogs as best we could.  The Marina Palms Marina actually had some very nice landscaped areas for the pups to enjoy, but that didn’t get them any exercise, so we marched them a ways up Route 1.  It wasn’t very pleasant as far as dog-walking was concerned, and quickly became very hot, so we retreated to the boat and got ready to get under way.  Our new pals on the Mexican yacht alongside were nowhere to be seen. Continue reading Miami to Lauderdale: Canyons, Real Estate and Yachts

Into the Canyons (Miami Canyons, that is)

We were in for a culture shock, slipping out of the wilds of the Florida Keys and into the wilds of the Miami canyons.

Day 131, February 21, 2019

Yes, it is indeed a culture shock to transition in one day from the rustic, laid-back, scruffiness of the Florida Keys to the glitz and glamour, crazy speed-boats, and high-rise glass buildings of Miami.  I do now understand why they call it “the canyons” of Miami. Continue reading Into the Canyons (Miami Canyons, that is)