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Maine Cruise 2018 – Tenants Harbor

Back in Maine.  Down East.

It’s so familiar to us now, having cruised the coast for four-to-five weeks pretty much every year for the last twenty years, that the thrill that awaits first-timers has worn off.  We almost didn’t make the trip this year because it just didn’t hold the grip on us like it has in the past, but somehow, we still went.

The schooner Eastwind.

We do love Maine.  This year, our approach was a little different from previous years.  We kept it simple.  We catered to the needs of the dogs and crew more than the need to explore and create adventure.  It might seem like a boring cruise to some, but for us it was visiting comfortable spots and keeping the thrill-factor to a minimum.  Maybe we’re getting older. Continue reading Maine Cruise 2018 – Tenants Harbor